Great American Fantasy League

Season Three


THE GREAT AMERICAN FANTASY LEAGUE (GAFL) is a board game adapted from Statis-Pro Baseball that realistically simulates the career performances of baseball greatest players, using only stats with their primary teams.

GAFL is a terrific game played with fast-action cards (not dice). The key is to find out if the hitter or pitcher controls the at-bat. GAFL is currently preparing for their third simulated 162-game season, beginning in late 2012, and is expanding to 30 teams. The Diamondbacks, Rockies, Marlins, and Tampa Bay Rays will join GAFL, as we move to two 15 team leagues. There will be an original division (8 teams) and expansion division (7 teams) in each league. Five teams will make the playoffs from each league.

GAFL plays one date in our schedule per week, December thru September, averaging 40 games a year per team. Teams usually play one game a week, with a rare doubleheader, and occasional weeks off. Managers play head to head via the phone, or solitaire games. In that case, the visitors E-mail game instructions to the home manager. Home managers are responsible for writing game stories via group E-mail. Managers can play anytime between Thursday and Tuesday in a given week. Games take 1-2 hours to play on the average. Pitcher rest rules, a weekly scoreboard, standings and pitcher matchups are provided by volunteers in GAFL. GAFL is well organized!
GAFL is quite realistic. This exciting game has special plays like rainouts, ejections, great catches, injuries, stamina rules for pitchers, home run are affected by great pitchers… or homers can be added when hurlers like Ferguson Jenkins are on the mound. Each player is rated for fielding range and a clutch fielding play can decide a game. Stolen bases, hit and run, bunting for hits, sacrifices are all part of a winning strategy. GAFL even has lefty vs. lefty and righty vs. righty rules that might decide a game.

New players become eligible to enter GAFL each season, when they have four seasons (expansion teams) and five seasons (original teams). In 2011, for example, Heath Bell (SD), Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum (SF), Hunter Pence (Houston) joined the NL, while many other players were updated (Chipper Jones, Ryan Zimmerman, Cole Hamels, etc.). GAFL also has players who date back to 1901 (Honus Wagner, Noodles Hahn, etc).

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  1. Norm Ginsberg
    March 1, 2013

    Are you planning to put Team Rosters on the site? (If not, I’ll paste them from Ty’s emails).

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